Quick sleep apnea testing is available. We have same-day/next appointments available. Get tested for work today!

Sleep Apnea Treatment

Quick sleep apnea testing is available. We have same-day/next appointments available. Get tested for work today!

Our goal is for you to go from tired and moody to confident and energized.

The right sleep apnea treatment will allow you to regain your health and feel like yourself again. 

South Chicago Sleep Lab supports comprehensive sleep apnea treatments. From testing and diagnosis to finding you the right provider, we are committed to guiding you through every step of the process. Our staff is friendly and personable and moves quickly to respect your valuable time.

Our staff will help you find treatment for all types of sleep apnea:

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)

Central Sleep Apnea (CSA)

Complex Sleep Apnea Syndrome

Sleep apnea treatments can seem overwhelming, and that is where we help. Our providers will educate you on sleep apnea, help you get tested, and find the right treatment.

If you want a personalized sleep apnea treatment, let South Chicago Sleep Lab help you.


Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) is the most commonly prescribed treatment for sleep apnea. 

A CPAP machine generates a continuous stream of pressurized air. A tube delivers air into a mask that’s sealed around the nose or mouth.

This pressurized air keeps your airways open and helps you breathe normally, avoiding sleep apnea episodes. The airstream pushes against any airway blockages so that your lungs continue to receive oxygen.

CPAP is an effective treatment option for many sleep apnea patients. Multiple high-quality CPAP options are available on the market, and they are usually covered by insurance benefits when prescribed by a provider. 

Some patients run into issues when they use this treatment. Often, issues with CPAP are due to misuse. Our team will help you use the machine properly. For patients seeking an alternative treatment option, we may refer them to a dentist specializing in oral device therapy. 

Oral Device Therapy

Oral device therapy is an FDA-approved treatment option for sleep apnea. These devices are worn during sleep to maintain an open, unobstructed airway. They work by repositioning the jaw forward while you sleep.

Today, multiple approved devices are on the market. 

Oral device therapy is a treatment option for patients who are looking for an alternative to CPAP. It also is an effective first-line treatment option for obstructive sleep apnea. 

These devices are provided by dentists and sleep professionals who use dental sleep medicine (DSM) to offer customized treatments to patients. Our clinic works with the best providers in the area and will refer you to a clinic where you can find the right treatment. 

Our Process

Step 1: Schedule a Consultation

We offer virtual consultations that don’t require you to leave your home. Patients who prefer an in-person option are welcome to schedule a visit at our South Chicago Sleep Lab clinic, which offers on-site parking.

Step 2: Complete a Sleep Study

For some patients, we recommend at-home tests that can be mailed to your home. We also offer in-lab sleep studies, if we will that will be a better option for you.

Step 4: Determine a treatment plan.

CPAP and oral device therapy are effective treatments, but our team will help you determine which is right. We will refer you to a provider offering the highest-quality care.

Step 5: Treat Sleep Apnea

Our team will support you every step of the way as you treat sleep apnea.


Chicago Sleep Apnea Treatments

If you are in Chicago, look no further than South Chicago Sleep Lab. With virtual consultations and access to at-home sleep studies, treating sleep apnea is achievable on your schedule. 

Located right in Chicago, we offer:


At-home sleep study assistance

DOT compliance


Treatment referrals

Ongoing support

Are there treatments for sleep apnea other than CPAP?
Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) is the most frequently prescribed treatment for sleep apnea. We work with providers in Chicago to deliver this treatment to patients. However, CPAP is not the only treatment. Oral device therapy is an FDA-approved treatment for treating the symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea, which is the most common type of the disorder. Oral device therapy uses custom-built devices to reposition the jaw and open the airway. Our patients find these devices practical, comfortable, and easy to use. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation. We’ll find a sleep apnea treatment that works for you. 

Our personalized treatment plans offer transparent pricing. 

Contact us today to schedule your virtual consultation.