Sleep apnea testing is one of the main barriers to diagnosis and treatment. 

Whether you aren’t getting quality sleep or have a sleep test required for your work, South Chicago Sleep Lab connects you to testing solutions that work with your schedule.

People don’t get tested because:

They don’t know the signs, symptoms, and risk factors of sleep apnea.

They don’t know where to access testing.

Local testing options aren’t affordable.

Hospital Sleep labs have months-long waiting lists.

We strive to change access to testing for patients in Chicago. We can help you complete an at-home study or an in-lab sleep study.

Sleep apnea tests compile a score on the Apnea-Hypopnea Index (AHI). The score represents the average number of sleep apnea events you experience each hour during sleep.

AHI scores can go below 5 for healthy patients and over 30 for severe cases. 

This measure quantifies the severity of sleep apnea and allows for diagnosing your sleep disorder.

Don’t let a sleep test prevent you from getting the treatment you need. Our sleep professionals can help you determine which type of sleep study is right for you.

Are you looking for sleep apnea testing in Chicago? South Chicago Sleep Lab works with leading manufacturers of at-home devices and we offer comprehensive sleep studies.

At-home Testing

At-home testing offers a convenient, accessible, and affordable way to complete a sleep study. 

We will help you use the most thorough at-home testing units with market-leading accuracy. These devices offer industry-leading technology. 

Devices we recommend to patients:

The Sleep Image ring is user-friendly, equipped with intuitive indicators to ensure proper setup, and is designed to measure critical sleep data, including airflow, heart rate, and oxygen levels. 

The Zmachine Synergy offers unique functionality for a comprehensive sleep assessment by recording brain activity alongside respiratory and cardiac metrics, providing a detailed analysis of your sleep.

At-home sleep studies make it easier than ever to test for sleep apnea. 

Receive the test kit in the mail or pick up the device at our office.

Test for sleep apnea in the comfort of your own home.

Complete the sleep test while maintaining your normal schedule.

Low-cost tests may even be covered by insurance.


At-home sleep tests are the right option for most patients due to their cost, availability, accuracy, and ability to let you test on your own schedule. 

How At-home Testing Works

After an initial consultation, our sleep professionals may recommend an at-home test to evaluate and diagnose you for sleep disorders. 

After you order a testing kit, you will receive everything you need to get started in the mail. You’ll wear the device while you complete your normal sleep routine.

You will wear sensors on your wrist, chest, and finger while you sleep in your own bed.

These tests typically monitor these metrics:

Respiratory Effort
Nasal Flow
Oxygen Saturation
Body Position

When you complete the test, the data will be uploaded to the cloud, where a board-certified sleep professional will evaluate it and issue a diagnosis.

Our sleep professionals will guide you through every step of the process.

Overnight Testing At South Chicago Sleep Lab

Overnight sleep studies offer patients a comprehensive option to test for sleep apnea. In-lab sleep studies offer leading technology that provides detailed and accurate testing. 

Our clinic may recommend this type of sleep study for patients who are likely to have a more specialized case of sleep apnea or for patients who prefer to test under the supervision of medical professionals. 

Testing for Sleep Apnea

Testing for sleep apnea is worth the investment of your time. We will help you schedule a test that is convenient for you.

We offer transparent pricing and will help you work with insurance companies to claim health care coverage benefits.

Testing for sleep apnea will:

Equip our sleep professionals with the information they need to provide a prompt diagnosis.

Narrow down which sleep disorder you have.

Help determine if CPAP or oral device therapy is the right treatment option for you.

Allow you to get started with sleep apnea treatment.

Our staff will guide you in the right direction each step of the way.

Test for Sleep Apnea Today

Call us today to schedule your initial consultation. 

Don’t let sleep apnea testing prevent you from treatment. Our team will help you schedule feasible testing options and put you one step closer to treatment. 

South Chicago Sleep Lab is here to help. 

How do I decide between an at-home or lab-based sleep study?
At-home and lab-based sleep studies offer unique benefits to patients. We will discuss these options during an initial consultation, which you can schedule at our sleep lab or virtually over video. We recommend an at-home study for most patients due to its cost, convenience, and ability to test for sleep apnea accurately. Call us today to schedule your consultation.